Puerh Tea 357g 2019 Year Banzhang Ancient Tree Yunnan Puer Pu'er Pu-erh Cake Raw

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Type: Raw/Uncooked/Sheng
Grade: AAAAA
Vintage: 2019 Year.

Product description :

The Chinese tea history of Pu'er tea is fascinating. Pu'er tea is one of the oldest type of tea in China with a rich history of over 1700 years. Pu-erh tea can be drunk immediately or aged for many years; pu-erh teas are often now classified by year and region of production much like wine vintages. The Pu Erh tea leaf gets better and results in a rich flavor during the aging process.

The Pu-erh tea is made of tender dried tea leaves, it was selected from the ancient tea trees at high altitude area in Yunnan of China, and naturally aged under sanitary condition, no fishy or musty smell, being sweet, smooth,  whose bold, earthy flavor will make it your favorite daily drink, fit for drinking and collecting. 

Pu-erh tea caffeine level is lower than coffee, can increase metabolism , that makes it a good choice for those who find themselves jittery after just one cup of coffee. 

Brewing Puerh Tea:

1. Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water.
2. Use about 5-8 grams of tea leaves (2-3.5 teaspoons) for every 225 ml of water.
3. Steep tea leaves in hot water at 100.C for 1 minute for the first and second brewing.
4. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing.
5. Refill when  cup or teapot is still 1/3 full. 

The Storage of Puerh Tea:

Protect against the tide, peculiar smell, keeps in low temperature. The flavor and color of Puerh Tea changes when properly stored over a period of time; fresh raw tea brews into a bright, yellowish broth and possesses a strong, almost harsh flavor; aged raw tea brews an amber broth and possesses a mellow flavor. Fresh ripe tea brews into a bright red broth possessing a smooth mellow flavor; old ripe tea brews dark red with a thick mellow flavor. The flavor, quality and value of Puerh tea constantly increases over time with proper storage,and the longer the better.

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