Guangzhou GOARTEA Tea Co.,Ltd.

GOARTEA Tea Co., Ltd. is a Chinese tea company, aim to provide a variety of good quality China teas and teawares. We retail and wholesale Black, Puer, Oolong, Green, Dark, White, Flower Tea, and complete series of tea accessories. We're strong family values and a love for fairness, quality, creativity and treating our partners and suppliers with respect. We re-invest part of our profits in community and environmental projects, to make a continued difference to the quality of our tea and to the lives of the people who grow it.

Guangzhou GOARTEA Tea Co.,Ltd.
Zhengtong Rd. 1 str. No.10., Nancun, Panyu district,
Guangzhou, Guangdong,511431, China.
Tel: +86-20-31001875, +86-13302237031.