GOARTEA Panax Ginseng Dry Flower Sanqi Tianqi Notoginseng Sanchi Chinese Herbal Tea

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Product Description:
Ginseng flower,Also calls Sanqi, Tienchi. Mainly produces in Wenshan state Yunnan Province China,Is the Yunnan Province famous traditional Chinese herb. Sanqi fresh using has the extremely good functions of stops bleeding and strong heart, disperses bruise and produces fresh,Lessens swollen and stop ache,The cooked using can activate blood,blood tonic,strongly body tonic the weak curative effect. Famous"the Yunnan white medicinal powder"essential component is sanqi.

Ginseng flowers with great nutrition value, which is suitable to both the young, the old and people with all conditions of the physique.Long time taking can keep your body in the best status, make you always energetic, beautiful. It really deserve the reputation of the top product of health care. Warm Suggestion: It tastes a little bitter. You'd better drink it after meals when it is hot.

Brewing Notoginseng Flower Tea:
Put 5-7 Panax notoginseng flowers into a water cup at each time, then brew them in 80 degree boiling water and drink them repeatedly until they have no bitter or sweet aftertaste.

Protect against the tide, peculiar smell, keeps in low temperature and refrigerates it.

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