GOARTEA Premium Taiwan High Mountain Honey Flavour GuiFei Hong Red Oolong Tea 8g/Easy Bag

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How to Choice the tea from GOARTEA Tea House?
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This Red Taiwanese Alishan Black Wu LongTea leaf consists of 1 bud and 2 leaves. The size of twig is smaller which indicates an early batch of harvesting. Crafted by skilled farmers, this oolong was skillfully hand-plucked and slowly batch-roasted over a bamboo charcoal pit for an unsurpassed flavour and aroma. The aroma of the dry leaves is nutty and slightly smokey. The liquor of the tea is a beautiful red, and the flavor is sweet with notes of caramel and dried fruit.

Brewing Tainwanese Black Oolong Tea:
Suggest 8-10g of tea with 150-200ml,100.C water to brew as KongFu Tea,soak 5-10s a times,can brew over 6 times;

Get sealed and put in the cool cold place, with the Room Temperature (Attention must be paid to: make sure the tea is sealed up, meanwhile can not put together with another odor, in case of taint of odour.

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