GOARTEA Supreme Yunnan Black Tea - Fengqing Dian Hong Dianhong Loose Leaf Wild Ancient Tree Chinese Tea

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Product Description:
Our this Wild Ancient Tree black tea comes from Fengqing, Yunnan. Yunnan Province has an abundant resource of wild tea trees, some of which have been lived for over a thousand years. These trees are protected and regarded as treasures to live to this day. The local tea tree is Fengqing large leaf species, can produce thick tea leaf.

Wild tea trees are often used for making pu-erh tea and black tea. For making black tea, the result product can have a very distinct combined feature of Yunnan's black tea and Yunnan's pu-erh. Just as the name indicates, this black tea is made of the leaves from ancient wild tea tree. Being processed in the traditional way of crafting Dian Hong tea, this wild tree black tea has been given a unique charm of being bold but delicate.

This Wild Ancient Tree black tea has large, strong leaves. The dry tea is glossy and dark, covered with thin pekoes. Its full aroma and bold taste can be revealed when brewed, as well as the particular strong taste which brings a characteristic of raw pu-erh to this black tea.

How to Brew Black Tea:
1. Use 5 grams of tea per 200ml of water.
2. Heat water to 85.C degrees (185.F) and steep for one minute.
3. Add 30 secs to subsequent infusions.
4. Adjust the amount of leaf, steeping time, and water temperature used according to your preference.

Protect against the tide, peculiar smell, keeps in low temperature.

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