GOARTEA Premium Anhui High Mountain Qimen Keemun Loose Leaf Chinese Black Tea

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Product Description:
In the popular black tea in the world, the Keemun is unique kind, and is famous since hundreds years ago. It's well known for its rich fragrance and slender shape in the international market, with durable praise, and be regarded as the leading tea. It originates from Qimen county, in Anhui Province, China. It is the treasure in Kungfu-tea, and won the gold medal in Panama International Fair,1915, and maintains the tea of excellent quality and style, since 100 years ago.It famous in both China and foreign countries. Prduction conditions of keemun tea is extremely superior and unique, really good weather, terrain, human handling.

Keemun ,be famous for the intense aroma, has a unique refreshing and lasting fragrance. It's said to have granulated sugar or apple fragrance and orchid fragrance, in international market, which is called "Keemun fragrance" Keemun black tea is the favorite of British. The beverage is red brilliant color, mellow and unforgettable, long-lasting taste. And there is pharmacological effect.

How to Brew Qimen Black Tea:
1. Use 5 grams of tea per 200ml of water.
2. Heat water to 85.C degrees (185.F) and steep for one minute.
3. Add 30 secs to subsequent infusions.
4. Adjust the amount of leaf, steeping time, and water temperature used according to your preference.

Protect against the tide, peculiar smell, keeps in low temperature.

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