300ml Kamjove Glass Gongfu Tea Maker Press Art Cup Teapot with Infuser TP-140

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Capacity: 300 ml (10.56 fl oz).
Net Weight: 200 grams.
Specification: Length: 120mm, Width:80mm, Height: 115mm,
Grade: AAAAA
Material: Outer: Beaker glass  Inner: Food grade PC (Polycarbonate)  Infuser: 304# stainless steel.

Item Description:

1. Patented press valve water-controlling structure.
2. Manually blow-molded heat-presistant glass pot.
3. Patented/innovative design for easy tea making.
4. Easy control, while stop pressing, no leaking.
5. Can control strength.
6. High efficiency filtration to ensure making pure tea.


1. Put some tea leaves into the inner pot by teaspoon.
2. Add boiled water and lid it.
3. When the strength of tea drink is suitable, press the button to filter it into the pot.
4. Pour the tea drink into a cup. With the outer pot for personal use.

Please note: all weights are approximate.

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